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"Sentuhan-Mu" by SHINRYO

“Sentuhan-Mu” by SHINRYO


Hello, I'm Shinryo from Indonesia.

My recording process is usually known as “home recording”. Which is, I record all of the instrument and vocal in my bedroom (thx to it's BIG size! 🙂

I'm using it for commercial use, for assist bands who wants a demo, and sometimes I make my own experimental recording there.

First of all, I make relaxing condition to melt down the relationship between the band member and me (usually we didn't know well before). After everybody feel comfort here, lets starts the recording…

1. Making guide, first vocal layer and guitar session.

Ebook = Equipping Your Home Recording Studio
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2. Take drums, using my Alesis studio kit and my custom Drumtrack software.

3. Take bass, the simplest session in my recording 🙂

4. Take layer 1 vocal. I'm using this layer of vocal along with drums and bass track for making a framework for my recording.

5. After finishing the framework, I'm gonna mix it first to make a well balanced rhythm session.

6. Take the guitar session and make a good seasoning for the mix. Plus take the main vocal session.

7. Making the complementary session such as strings section, brass, violin, etc. I'm using FL9 Producer edition for this. Then exported it into DAW.

8. Mixing the whole tracks include panning, pitch, reverbs, chorus, compressing process, sidechain effects, and much more.

9. After having a good mix sounds, I'm mastered it using a plugin combination between my Audition and Wavelabs.

10. Done!

Gears :

HP Notebook

Line 6 UX 1 USB Interface + POD Farm 2

Alesis USB studio electronic drum kit

Epiphone LP Guitar

Gillmore Bass

Yamaha CG Accoustic Guitar

Shure SM-57 Microphone

Behringer Headphone

My Ear, My Eyes, My Brain, My Hand (thx God)

Further information is available at

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Recording Guitars

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