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Second Edition of Sample This!! Published

Second Edition of Sample This!! Published


Sample this!! is a practical guide for musicians about using samplers to make music (rather than just explaining what the knobs do). It has been written both for first time users of samplers and experienced musicians who are looking to expand their understanding of how to use the most modern tools that are available.

The book explains the sampling process from source through to how to deploy samples using the latest sampling tools such as software samplers with disk streaming and RAM saving features, loop based tools and specialist editing tools.

Not only is the book packed with hundreds (literally) of tips from professional musicians with years of experience of sampling and maintaining a large commercial sample library, but it is also accompanied by two CDs with over 1000 samples so that readers can put the suggestions in the book into practice immediately.

Ebook = Equipping Your Home Recording Studio
FREE EBOOK - Equipping Your Home Recording Studio

Sample this!! also contains a supplement covering the current sample and sampler market making it essential reading for all sampler users. This supplement will be updated regularly and an electronic version made available to readers at no additional cost.

Sample this!! is 82 A4 pages and is available in pdf format from Back In Time Records ( for Euro 29.00. The book is also available as a printed version from Audio Workshop (

For more information, visit their web site at

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