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SCOPE SDK Being Made Available at No Cost

SCOPE SDK Being Made Available at No Cost


April 1, 2004

CreamWare's SCOPE Development Kit (SDK) is a modular development environment for creating SCOPE-platform compatible plug-ins. The SDK is the tool CreamWare uses for developing their software, allowing for designing advanced plug-ins such as the Minimax, the MasterVerb, and the Modular III synth.

With the release of the SCOPE 4.0 software version, CreamWare now makes the SDK available under specific license terms at no cost. The license grants non-commercial use of the SDK and can be obtained after signing a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). By providing a module environment and a large DSP library as well as GUI-design tools, the SDK allows for both developing algorithms and designing user interfaces.

The SDK requires a 14 or 15-DSP board to operate. CreamWare intends to publish further information on how to obtain the SDK on their website shortly.

For more information, visit their web site at

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