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Schecter Debuts Hellraiser Collection

Schecter Debuts Hellraiser Collection


The Hellraiser Collection are the first production Schecter instruments to feature EMG Active Humbuckers. Other upscale Hellraiser include TonePros Tune-o-matics with String-thru-body, Set-In 3-piece mahogany necks with 24-fret rosewood fingerboards, Ultra-Access neck heel contour, Grover tuners, and Black Pearl 'Gothic Cross' inlays.

The 25 1/2″ Hellraiser C-1 features an arched 'classic' mahogany body. The Gloss Black version is outfitted with Black Pearl binding and Black hardware. The Black Cherry version adds a Quilted Maple top, Abalone binding and Black Chrome hardware. Both are armed with the EMG Active 81/85 pickup combination.

The 7-string Hellraiser C-7, available in Gloss Black, shares many of the same features as the C-1, but with an extended 26 1/2″ scale and EMG 707 Active humbuckers.

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The Scorpion Baritone's arched double cut-away body style is the perfect complement to this instruments destructive 'B' tuning. This 26 1/2″ scale instrument is tuned B-E-A-D-F#-B, yet still has the 'feel' of a standard guitar. Active Pickups are EMG humbuckers (81 / 85).


  • Hellraiser C-1 (both finishes) : $949.00
  • Hellraiser C-7: $999.00
  • Hellraiser Scorpion: $949.00

For more information, visit their web site at

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