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Samson Satellite USB/iOS microphone launches, allowing all content creators to capture broadcast-quality audio

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Tuesday January 8, 2019

Samson, an industry pioneer in professional audio products, announces the Samson Satellite USB/iOS Broadcast Microphone at CES 2019, offering content creators a portable and effective solution for capturing high-definition audio on desktop or mobile devices. With 24-bit/96kHz audio, three selectable pickup patterns, a patented fold-back leg design and more, the Samson Satellite is the perfect fit for musicians, podcasters and streamers who rely on broadcast-quality audio in their craft.

A Truly Versatile Microphone
Samson Satellite features two premium 16mm condenser capsules that capture vocal warmth and clarity with a smooth, accurate frequency response. The mic offers three selectable pickup patterns (cardioid, omnidirectional and bidirectional) for handling a variety of recording applications, such as capturing one performer or many. An internal shockmount isolates the capsules from the body of the microphone, minimizing handling noise or sounds caused by vibrations and table rumble.

Streamlined Performance
A true plug-and-play solution, Samson Satellite delivers 24-bit/96kHz studio-quality sound by simply connecting the mic to a preferred device via the included USB or Lightning cables. For zero-latency monitoring, it also includes a 1/8” headphone output. A soft touch-mute switch quickly silences the mic without interjecting any clicks or pops into the audio path.

Compact, Durable and Well Designed
Samson Satellite’s compact footprint features a patented fold-back leg design that allows the mic to be optimally positioned for any vocal or music application and conveniently folded up for transport. A durable aluminum body and heavy-gauge steel mesh grille keep the microphone in top form as users shuttle it from location to location. The mic’s retro design with its sleek black finish and chrome accents makes it a visually striking centerpiece for a desktop or studio set-up.

Product Features

Samson Satellite will be available for sale at major CE and MI retailers for $99.99 starting in May 2019.

About Samson
Samson Technologies began in 1980 as a pioneer in wireless microphone technology. Today, Samson is an industry leader in professional audio solutions whose products are known for their fidelity and reliability. Samson products are preferred by recording artists, performers, educators and audio professionals throughout the world.
To connect with Samson, visit, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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