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SampleScience releases Nouveau Mellow

SampleScience releases Nouveau Mellow, an antique radio orchestra instrument


Nouveau Mellow is the sound of a small orchestra played through an antique radio. Perfect to replicate the tone of vintage documentaries or to create the horror soundtrack of the next Silent Hill video game. Nouveau Mellow features 25 multi-sampled sounds, all grungy and lo-fi. Authentic in its lo-fidelity, each sound can be detuned via the built-in vibrato or played “clean” as-is.


25 lo-fi antique sounds
Sub, Hiss, Dirt and Noiz sound layers
Lowpass filter
VST/VST3/AU for Windows and macOS (64-bit/32-bit)

Audio demo:

Screenshot, hi-rez images, user manual:

Product page:

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