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Sample Rate Conversion Added to Lynx AES16

Sample Rate Conversion Added to Lynx AES16


January 29, 2004

Responding to customer requests for Sample Rate Conversion, Lynx Studio Technology has added the AES16-SRC to their line of AES16 192 kHz AES/EBU interfaces. The AES16-SRC, with eight channels of sample rate conversion, has a US suggested retail price of $995. The AES16 began shipping in late 2003.

The AES16-SRC offers eight channels of sample rate conversion to accommodate facilities running multiple sample rates or signals not locked to “house sync.” Offering conversion ratios up to 8:1, the AES16-SRC's sample rate converters have a dynamic range of 142 dB. The AES16-SRC also has the capability to maintain phase between multiple rated-converted inputs using its matched phase control.

All features of the AES16, including SynchroLock jitter reduction, intuitive software control, and compatibility with Windows and Macintosh computers, are also included with the AES16-SRC. Two model CBL-AES1604 cables are also included for ease of interface using the XLR connectors for audio and BNC for word clock I/O.

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