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Sabian Debuts AA Raw-Bell Dry Ride

Sabian Debuts AA Raw-Bell Dry Ride


The AA Raw-Bell Dry Ride is the latest cymbal from SABIAN to tap into the bright, classic sounds of the award-winning cymbal company's traditional AA series. Topped by a raw, unlathed bell, this 21″ medium-heavy model is designed to deliver strong, dry stick articulation with a touch of tone at every volume. The raw bell responds with a bright, extremely solid note, while strokes across the bow area are consistently strong and cutting. A powerful cymbal by design, the Raw-Bell Dry Ride delivers solid sticking, but with a tonal quality that makes this a surprisingly musical and versatile 'dry' design.

Commented SABIAN product specialist Mark Love: “The innovative Raw-Bell design proved so popular in our Hand Hammered series (it's the choice of Phil Collins, Jose Pasillas and Geoff Dugmore amongst many others) that there was a huge demand for the same model only with a brighter, more cutting sound. This AA version has traditional wide-blade lathing circling its solid, raw-bell, so wherever a stick lands the sound is always defined, powerful and clear on every stroke. The AA Raw-Bell Dry Ride has that power and definition to deliver a kick of energy.”

The bright, traditional sound of AA offers a distinct contrast to the darker, traditional sound of the Hand Hammered series. Starting with B20 bronze multi-rolled and processed for maximum durability before being shaped to a high profile under 75 tons of hydraulic pressure and machine hammered for a tonal consistency, AA cymbals are energized, bright and musical. A versatile series with some very specialized models, AA is ideal for any music requiring bright tonal presence, power and cut.

The AA Raw-Bell Dry Ride is crafted from SABIAN B20 'cast' bronze, the worlds most musical and durable cymbal metal. Available in Natural and Brilliant Finish, it is – like all AA cymbals – quality-protected by the SABIAN One-Year Warranty.

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