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Rupert Neve Returns with Portico Series Mic Pre

Rupert Neve Returns with Portico Series Mic Pre


Mr. Rupert Neve has returned to manufacturing with a series of all-analog products that will be released during 2005 under his own brand, Rupert Neve Designs, following over 15 years of design consultation for others.

Custom designed transformers, very short signal paths, minimal negative feedback plus single-sided transformer-coupled amplifier designs form the essential building blocks for the new Rupert Neve Designs Portico product range. The series includes modules that comprise all the principal elements for sound control

The first Rupert Neve Designs Portico unit to be launched will be the 5012 Duo Mic Pre, a dual-channel microphone preamplifier that incorporates a number of unique features. The classic warmth and presence of Mr. Neve's renowned audio circuit designs may be added to both outputs through the front panel “Silk” switch. A “To Buss” switch allows the 5012 to access bussing in a custom-configured, multi-module setup or to assign a signal to a solo or cue buss embodied in other Portico modules.

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Gain control is provided on a rotary switch with 0dB to 66dB of gain in 6dB steps, and an associated Trim control, offering +-/- 6dB of continuously variable adjustment. A continuously variable High Pass Filter at 12dB per octave covering the frequency range of 20Hz to 250Hz is also provided. Further front panel controls include individual +48V phantom power switching and a Mute switch.

Two Rupert Neve Designs 5012 Duo, half-rack, 1RU, Mic Pres may be combined in an optional rack mount kit to provide four of these Mr.Neve-designed channels in a single rack space.

The 5012 Duo Mic Pre will be joined by equalization, filtering, dynamics control, assignment, mixing and monitoring modules, and even a tape emulation channel. .

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