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Royer Labs Ships SF-24 Stereo Ribbon Microphone


August 6, 2004

Royer Labs is now shipping its new SF-24 Phantom Powered Stereo
Ribbon Microphone. Designed as a premium instrument mic for stereo and distance
miking applications, the SF-24 provides extremely natural, uncolored recordings
of choirs, pianos, harp, stringed instruments, and is particularly well-suited
to miking large ensembles such as an orchestra or the various sections within–including
brass and woodwinds, according to the company. The SF-24 is also suitable
as a single-point stereo overhead drum and percussion mic.

The SF-24 represents a significant improvement for many ambient and critical
applications over the company's SF-12, due to the inclusion of Royer's exclusive
active electronics system for ribbon microphones. Featuring two fully balanced,
discrete head amplifier systems utilizing ultra-low noise FET's, each delivering
an output sensitivity rating of -38 dB, the SF-24's sensitivity is on par with
that of phantom powered condenser microphones–facilitating use with any preamplifier
with average gain characteristics. The impedance matching circuitry provides
optimum impedance to the ribbon elements, preventing overdamping of the elements
and assuring consistent performance. This capability translates to ultra-quiet
operation with self-noise lower than 18 dB, making the SF-24 ideal for recording
quiet sound sources with enough gain to drive any recording medium.

Housed in an ingot iron case that forms part of the magnetic return circuit,
the SF-24 consists of two matched ribbon microphones placed one above the other,
each aimed 45 degrees from center in the classic Blumlein configuration. The
magnet/polepiece structure of each ribbon transducer allows a wide, uniform
frequency range with no substantial peaks or dips, and the two 1.8-micron pure
aluminum ribbons produce superb transient response. The SF-24's cable incorporates
a Y adapter that splits into separate 3-pin male XLR connectors labeled “Upper” and “Lower” for
the instrument's upper and lower capsules. The SF-24's package also includes
a shock mount, a mic sock, and an elegant protective case.

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For more information, visit their web site at

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