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“Roxanne Interpretation” by Karpiozo


“The Police” hit interpretation recorded over last weekend in my bedroom. I play all instruments and sing as well (wasn’t really warmed-up so forgive intonation problems)

Drums – Midi Drums played thru Addictive Drums plug-inBass – Harley Benton, Jazz Bass copy (I know it’s the cheapest you can get but does the job)Acoustic Guitar- Takamine G360sc, Elixir nano stringsPiano- PIanoteq plug in. Casio Digital piano as a midi controller.

I work on Pro-Tools M-Powered hooked up with USB Fast Track Pro interface (Windows). My PC is somewhat average based on AMD 3800+ X64, 2GB RAM. Near field monitors (placed on a metal desks ): Audiophile BX5a I think. I don’t have any particular acoustic damping kit in my room that is why most of time I struggle with computer noise and reverberation during recording instruments via Large Diaphragm Mic but overall it is not that bad. Acoustic guitar was recorded using large diaphragm T-Bone sc…something valve microphone, same with vocals. Bass guitar: line into the fast track and GTR3 AMP software plugin.

I decided to use knowledge from one of the Record-Producer articles and played with EQ using it not to gain freq. up but to eliminate odd freq. I have to say that this technique is just awesome. There is EQ on guitar, bass, drums and vocals. Izotope3Ozone is used as a mastering plugin. Mix is bit quiet but it’s really work in progress. I’m quite new to record-producer site and I find it really helpful. A lot of knowledge to be possessed. I’ve learned a lot of new interesting things already from R-P: mic. techniques, recording techniques, compression, eq, DAW operation etc.

I really want to know what you, professional engineers think about my mix so give it a go and please comment.

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