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Rotosound readies new high end bass strings

Rotosound readies new high end bass strings


Iconic British string manufacturer, Rotosound, is launching a new range of high-end electric bass guitar strings sets at the forthcoming NAMM 2020 show in Anaheim, California (Stand: 4802).

The firm is best-known for its wide and innovative range of electric bass guitar strings, including the ground-breaking roundwound bass string in the 1960’s, Swing Bass RS66.

The launch of the new Ultramag sets, made with Type 52 Alloy will see the company push into a higher price-point bracket (around £29.95 for the four-string sets and £34.95 for the five-strings sets) enabling it to offer much-improved margins to dealers.

The sets will initially be available in four-string 40-100, 45-105 and five-string 45-130 gauges for electric bass guitar. Samples will be available to test at the forthcoming NAMM Show, with a retail launch scheduled for February 2020.

Rotosound materials expert, John Doughty, explained the science behind the strings, saying: “With a composition of 52 per cent nickel and 48 per cent iron, this highly magnetic string will certainly accentuate those middles and lows over their steel counterparts.

“Designed for use in the aerospace industry and high-end electronics, the low coefficient of expansion will help maintain tuning in wide ranging environments. With its corrosion resistant properties and its unique blend of sound it is a truly a string for the discerning player seeking that extra tonal character.”

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Rotosound chairman, Jason How, explained the thinking behind the move: “From our extensive research we have realised bass players are looking for something that bit special sound-wise and particularly for a softer feel. We’re very pleased with what we now have and I believe that bass players and dealers are going to love these new strings which are well worth that small extra investment that will take their tone and margins to a new level.”

The strings are 100% made in the UK factory in Sevenoaks.

For more information on the new Ultramag range or to try them out, visit stand 4802 at NAMM Show 2020 at the Anaheim Convention Centre.

About Rotosound

Rotosound has been creating, designing and making strings for 60 years. By helping music icons like Jimi Hendrix, John Entwistle and Geddy Lee to create their amazing sounds, Rotosound strings have become synonymous with the British Tone. Renowned throughout the world, Rotosound is the home of legendary products such as Swing Bass 66 and Roto strings and is justifiably proud to be part of rock history.

Founded in 1958 by James How as a small, UK based, family-owned and operated company, Rotosound core values are little changed today. More sophisticated machines, designed and built by the late founder’s son, Jason How, still produce high quality instrument strings using only the best materials and a great team of people who really love what they do. Each string is physically and visually inspected at every stage of the manufacturing process to get maximum consistency, ensuring each one is unrivalled in tone, tuning stability and durability.

James was and Jason is a musician and engineer with vision and passion whose leadership helped Rotosound becoming one of the foremost string manufacturers in the world. Rotosound products combine musical knowledge, heritage and state of the art production methods to produce strings that bring music to life. Jason, following in his father’s footsteps, works relentlessly to invent new machines, reinvent strings and rediscover products like the Vintage Fuzz Pedal. Rotosound, whilst staying faithful to the originals, improves on them by the use of contemporary up to date technology and components such as new foil packaging, which ensures strings reach customers as fresh as the day they leave the factory.

Now sold in more than 80 countries across the globe, Rotosound strings are not only used by some of the greatest guitarists and bassists, but continue to attract the best of the current and up and coming musicians. Rotosound strings have played a large part in the history of rock music and the company plans to continue drawing on this rich legacy to continue being a major influence for decades to come.

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