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Roto-Machine Added to ToneCore Pedal Lineup

Roto-Machine Added to ToneCore Pedal Lineup


Line 6 announced a new addition to the ToneCore series of stompboxes, Roto-Machine.

Roto-Machine delivers rotating speaker sounds with 145, L16, and 122 filter models. From dreamy clean to swirling overdrive, Roto-Machine features separate controls for Fast and Slow speeds, Drive, and a Blend knob for fine-tuning the drum to horn mix. A selectable Fast, Medium, or Slow switch allows fine-tuning of the ramp time.

The two-in-one footswitch switches between Fast and Slow speeds yielding authentic rotating speaker sounds right from any pedalboard.

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Roto-Machine can be powered by a standard 9 Volt battery, or the optional DC-1 power supply.

ToneCore Roto-Machine MSRP: $119.99

For more information, visit their web site at

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