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RoomVerb M2 Updated to Version 2.2

RoomVerb M2 Updated to Version 2.2


SpinAudio has released a new update for the RoomVerb M2 reverb plug-in for Windows and Mac.

The updated version features a new, improved reverb engine that provides denser, more realistic reverberation and better stereo image spatialization. The update comes bundled with a redesigned set of 250 ready-to-use factory presets.

Main features of RoomVerb M2 include:

  • Plate and Outdoor acoustic space simulation modes
  • Time and Spectral Domain Spatial Decorrelation Technology
  • Reverb Modulation with a choice of random LFOs
  • Comprehensive control of Early and Late reflections
  • Separate 3-band parametric equalizers for Early and Late reflections
  • Acoustic space environment modelling through air and material frequency-dependant absorption simulation filters with a set of more than 40 presets included
  • Two Built-in Gates with True Stereo RMS Detection
  • 250 ready-to-use factory presets
  • Preset management system with categorial and keyword search
  • Optimized code for modern processors

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Free demo version and audio demos are available for download from SpinAudio web site.

RoomVerb M2 2.2 plug-in is available for purchase in the SpinAudio OnLine Shop and through SpinAudio distributors. The product MSRP is 145 USD. Registered product users can download the new version for free.

For more information, visit their web site at

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