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Roland Offers VGA Option for MV-8000 Workstation

Roland Offers VGA Option for MV-8000 Workstation


July 23, 2004

Roland's MV-8000 sampling workstation takes a leap forward with
the new MV8-VGA expander option and Version 2 software, which transforms
the MV-8000 into a complete digital audio workstation with mouse and VGA monitor

View and edit your MV-8000 track and sample data in style on a big screen
(not included), and use the included optical mouse to expedite operations.
Even when you're using an external display and mouse to operate the MV-8000,
you can still use the onboard physical controllers (velocity pads, numeric
keys, etc.) and view information on the MV-8000's built-in LCD screen, just
as before. You can use the physical controllers for VGA screen operation as

In addition to monitor and mouse support, Version 2 expands the MV-8000's
file-import compatibility to include Akai MPC2000/XL program files and Akai
S1000/3000 program and sample files. In addition, Version 2 allows the MV-8000's
velocity pads to double as Track Mute/Solo switches. The entire upgrade, software
and hardware, is user-installable.

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