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Roland Introduces DS Series Digital Monitors


April 2, 2004

Roland's new flagship DS-8/-7/-5 two-way active digital reference
monitors are suited for professional, project and home studios, fixed and
mobile broadcast facilities.

There are three models in the DS Series line. The DS-5 is a 45-watt, 5-inch
two-way system; the DS-7 is a 60-watt 6.5-inch two-way system; and the DS-8
is a 120-watt, 8-inch two-way system. Each model exhibits a “flat” frequency
response in near field listening environments and accepts 24-bit, up to 192
kHz digital inputs.

An XLR input is provided for AES/EBU compatibility and coaxial/optical jacks
for integration into digital recording and workstation environments.

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The efficient heat sink power amplifier is fully compatible with new IEC60065
safety standards. The power switch is built into the front panel for convenience.
A newly designed shielded cabinet helps eliminate interference in TV, radio
and other recording environments where speakers are placed in close proximity
to video monitors and computer screens.

For more information, visit their web site at

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