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Roger Burnley Offers New Vocal Method DVD

Roger Burnley Offers New Vocal Method DVD


Roger Burnley's EZ Vocal Method, intended for singers of all levels and styles, has just been released in a DVD/CD combo package. Now you can actually study with renowned Hollywood vocal coach Roger Burnley in your own home and master this new technique.

“This Method is so easy to grasp and understand that I guarantee an immediate improvement in the quality of your voice — even if you're a beginner,” Burnley states with conviction. “Once you truly comprehend the physical components responsible for creating sound, you'll really 'get' how to exercise your voice to obtain its maximum potential.”

Roger Burnley's EZ Vocal Method teaches you how to create new sense memories that will not only consistently produce your desired notes, but will truly free your voice in the process. You won't be worrying about your voice cracking, or if you'll be too hoarse the day after a concert to even speak. You'll increase your range, power and control according to the maker.

This instructional DVD/CD combo is available at, as well as at Amazon and other online retailers. Roger Burnley's EZ Vocal Method retails for $29.95.

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