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Rocky Mountain Highs - Announcing a Colorado recording master class with Alan Parsons

Rocky Mountain Highs – Announcing a Colorado recording master class with Alan Parsons


'Destination’ Studios are coming back into vogue and Alan Parsons has selected Eagle Wind Sound in the idyllic setting of Winter Park Colorado—nestled high up in the rocky mountains—as the destination for his latest recording master class.

Recording a new song for his upcoming new album, Alan Parsons will be joined by Alan Parsons Live Project lead singer and co-writer PJ Olsson, select member of local luminaries Eminence Ensemble and by renowned 'cellist Michael Fitzpatrick, who had joined the ensemble for the Parsons master class held in Orange County back in March.

To take advantage of the setting this master class will take place over a long weekend, August 10/11/12. Day 1 will be the recording day, where attendees will observe and participate in a tracking session including drum miking, electric and acoustic guitar overdubs, a full compliment of vocals from the talented PJ Olsson, and an original 'cello part recorded by Michael Fitzpatrick.

Alan Parsons’ guarded use of compression is well documented and Day 2 will indeed feature of a full day of ‘de-compression’ where Alan and attendees will explore peace and tranquility in the Colorado Rockies on what Alan describes as a Magical Mountain Mystery Tour featuring a raft of outdoor activities where everyone can let their hair down and just chat about music, recording, and the general meaning of life. The day concludes with a ‘GastroSonic’ gourmet dinner at a local mountain eatery.

Day 3 is back to business with a full day of mixing. “This is key,” says event producer Julian Colbeck. “So often we’re too pushed for time for Alan to do more than a board mix. Here, attendees will have the rare opportunity to see Alan in action on a dedicated mix session.” Viewers of Alan’s Art & Science Of Sound Recording video series will be keen to observe some of Alan’s unique mixing skills and techniques concerning compression, panning, levels and more, up close and personal.

With seats limited to just 15, the ticket price includes all activities and the gourmet dinner on Day 2 plus travel from and back to Denver International Airport from the studio.

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Full details and ticketing at:

Alan Parsons’ 2018 series of Master Class Training Sessions is being sponsored in conjunction with online mastering specialists LANDR.

Enquiries please contact the event producers at or by phone (PDT in USA) on 1-800-752-2780.

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