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Rocktron Intros Heart Attack Dynamic Filter Pedal

Rocktron Intros Heart Attack Dynamic Filter Pedal


January 28, 2005

Searching for something unique for bass, and for guitar as well, Rocktron has introduced the Heart Attack. The Heart Attack Dynamic Filter produces a harmonic phase shifting effect that sweeps the frequency spectrum from high to low.

The dynamic filter effect is triggered by pick attack. The harder you pick the string, the louder the effect. The Sensitivity control allows for frequency adjustment of the effect. Lower settings provide for a lush, smooth feel — ideal for locking in with a drummer and providing solid low-end. Higher settings provide amore expressive effect that is ideally suited for lead breaks. The number of effect possibilities are broad as the effects volume and sound is mainly produced by the player's pick attack.

The Heart Attack also includes “distortion” to give players a little more “grit” when playing. The easy access battery compartment will makes changing batteries during a gig a breeze and the Heart Attack is housed in Rocktron's heavy duty chassis.

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