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RockenWraps Adds Reptile Series to Line of Drum Finishes

RockenWraps Adds Reptile Series to Line of Drum Finishes


RockenWraps launched their new Reptile Series, a collection of new drum-skins designed to add depth and attitude to your existing drum set. The wraps are rendered in high resolution digital graphics, then printed using a special process that seals and secures the 17 mil wraps for durability and shine.

RockenWraps are easily applied over your existing shells by simply removing the hardware, wrapping the pre-cut sheet around your drum, then peeling one side of the pre-installed double-sided adhesive strip from one end of the wrap and pressing it down on the overlap; clean, neat, and no glue is necessary. Your hardware goes back on and it is now locked-down for as long as you like and also makes it easy to swap the design for another down the road.

The wraps are scratch resistant, waterproof, flexible, interchangeable, and can be cleaned an polished to a high luster.

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RockenWraps are available worldwide in over 100 designs with standard single bass or double bass-kit sizes, single add-ons, and a custom cut-to-fit option for an additional and affordable $29.95 per set. Any size kit can be wrapped by simply adding extra kicks and toms. The wraps are DIY, or retro-fitting is available from your local custom drum shop.

Standard sizes:

Single Bass 5-piece Kit $399.99 USD Includes :

  • 1 KICK – 18in.x24in. (457.2mm x609.6mm )
  • SMALL-TOM – 10in.x12 in. (254mm x 304.8mm )
  • MED-TOM-B – 14in.x15 in. (279.4mm x 330.2mm)
  • LARGE-TOM – 16in.x18 in. (406.4mm x457.2mm)
  • SNARE – 6.5in.x14 in. (165.1mm x 355.6mm)


  • KICK (18in.x24in.) 457.2mm x609.6mm – $99.99USD
  • SMALL TOM (10in.x12 in.) 254mm x 304.8mm – $69.99 USD
  • MED TOM-A (11×13) 279.4mm x 330.2mm – $74.99 USD
  • MED TOM-B (14in.x15 in.) 355.6mm x 381mm – $79.98 USD
  • LARGE TOM (16in.x18 in. ) 406.4mm x457.2mm – $89.99 USD
  • SNARE (6.5in.x14 in. ) 165.1mm x 355.6mm – $59.99 USD
  • KICK HOOP STRIPS (2in.x24in) 50.8mmx609.6mm – one pair $39.99 USD

For more information, visit their web site at

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