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RME Audio Introduces The BOB-32 Universal Breakout Box

RME Audio Introduces The BOB-32 Universal Breakout Box


Synthax AG presents RME BOB-32, the universal breakout box for AES/EBU XLR or D-Sub. BOB-32 has two sides. One offers eight XLR AES/EBU inputs and eight XLR AES/EBU outputs, the other side provides two D-sub connectors.

But two sides can be one, because BOB-32 is smart. If wanted – the box can be “folded” in the middle, bringing all connectors to one side! The BOB-32 comes with 2 different pinout formats, which can be switched between TASCAM , (Digidesign, RME) pinout or YAMAHA pinout format. One BOB fits all–making BOB-32 the ideal companion to RME's HDSP AES-32, ADI-6432, Octamic-D, Micstasy, ADI-8 QS and all other devices that use digital D-Sub connectors with TASCAM or YAMAHA pinout. Specifications – I/O Connectivity:

  • passive I/O unit, no power supply needed
  • 8 x XLR In
  • 8 x XLR Out
  • 2 x D-SUB 25-pin connector, internally switchable to TASCAM or YAMAHA pinout

BOB-32 is available worldwide for US $249/€198

For more information, visit their web site at

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