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Resolution Audio Ships the ResoPre-873

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Monday June 13, 2005

Reso Audiotronics, LLC, in conjunction with Audio Exchange International, Inc. (AXI) has announced that the ResoPre-873 is now shipping. The ResoPre-873 will be distributed through AXI.

The 8-channel, remote-controlled ResoPre-873 microphone pre-amp is built using a Neve 1073 analog circuit design, and is intended for use with all major DAW systems or in a live sound environment. Controllable directly from ProTools, a MIDI source such as a control surface, software plug-in or the front panel, the ResoPre-873 is built upon the classic Neve style with flexibility in mind. The ResoPre-873 has line level outs and is equipped with a D-sub multi-pin connection.

"The unit was designed to live as close to the microphone as possible, affording the engineer a clean signal by limiting the low level microphone wire run to a minimum," says Brandon McHale, senior design technician for Reso Audiotronics. "Control comes from the user's computer, digital console, control surface or a remote unit, as there are no knobs on this device. The MIDI control functions in the ResoPre-873 truly make this unit a fine confection of classic superstar sound, remote control capability and digital integration."

Each channel of the ResoPre-873 has phantom power, phase and mute controls, and status is displayed for each function. Just as with the original 1073, there are 13 gain steps utilized throughout the 20-80dB range, however unlike the original 1073, all of the controls are MIDI accessible. As with all top quality mic-preamps, the power supply is a separate unit to ensure maximum signal integrity is maintained. Full transformer in/out and transformerless versions are available in addition to a 4-channel model with expansion slots.

For more information, visit their web site at

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