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Rees Electric Guitars Introduces The F7S Studio Guitar

Rees Electric Guitars Introduces The F7S Studio Guitar


An innovative chambered construction on a mahogany body with a flame maple front makes the F7S two-thirds the weight of common solid body guitars.

High sustain and a smooth, balanced tonal response is achieved by acoustically de-coupling the central working core of the guitar (neck to pickups to bridge) from the periphery in contact with the dampening human body and clothing. Having been extensively developed and tested over the past year, proven production models are now available to order from the Rees Electric Guitars workshop in Cambridge, England.

The 24-fret neck is removable for ease of service, and is joined to the body via a uniquely thin and strong heel, set right into the center of the guitar body and reinforced internally with carbon fibre. This provides strong sound connection and allows good left hand access to all frets. A wide choice of Seymour Duncan pickups are available. These are quickly fitted and changed from the back of the guitar, using only a screwdriver, without removing the strings. With this it is now possible to change pickups to optimize tone for each track in a recording session. Optional rim binding are available of brass and abalone.


Mahogany with flame maple front

Low weight – high sustain chambered construction

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Heavyweight inset fixed bridge for strong sustain 24-fret, full two-octave neck, with many nut and width options Versatile switching of a wide range of vintage and modern tones Two humbuckers and a single-coil pickup Quick-change Seymour Duncan pickups

Available now. £1,950 plus options.

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