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Redmatica Updates ExsManager for OS X

Redmatica Updates ExsManager for OS X


July 11, 2004

Redmatica has released ExsManager OSX version 2.6. ExsManager OSX
is a dedicated standalone management software for Exs24 instruments and files,
written from scratch for the OSX platform to deliver a new level of performance
and new functionalities previously not available.

The main new features of release 2.6 over previous release are:

  • New reference matching mode for solving complex library naming conflicts
  • New autocheck and fix option for fixing sample format mismatches between
    instruments and relative samples
  • Improved SampleMerge process: support for new auto-defragmenting sample
    size (18MB)
  • New instrument renaming function for shortening long instrument filenames
    (that would otherwise be displayed as “instrument#235235” inside Exs24)
  • Improved SampleMerge process: faster processing
  • Log window with list of processing errors
  • Improved handling of instruments with illegal parameters
  • Improved manual assign of samples
  • General fixes and improvements
  • New Redmatica color scheme

Version 2.6 is a free update for current users: all registered customers should
have automatically received the update.

Price: Standard 40 Euro, Pro 80 Euro. (Pro version includes report generation,
parallel scanning of multiple hard drives, the SampleMerge feature, and renaming
of instruments with the same name to unique names.)

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For more information, visit their web site at

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