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RED Announces The Type A Tube Mic

RED Announces The Type A Tube Mic


Following the success of their solid state Type B microphone, Red Microphones introduced today the Type A, a tube microphone based on a system of interchangeable capsules. To celebrate the release of this new mic, Red will be including a free R7 capsule ($650 value) to customers who purchase the mic by September 31, 2006.

The Type A vacuum tube microphone system is a high quality, innovative, and unique solution for virtually any critical recording need. Combining low noise and superb transient response along with a choice of nine different interchangeable capsules called “The Redheads,” the Type A is a microphone system that is as versatile as it is dependable. The bayonet-mount capsules can quickly be changed for a stunning variety of sounds and pickup patterns without having to shut off the included “PowerStream” power supply.

The transformer-less Class A discrete amplifier circuit of the Type A is a thoroughly modern design with a nod to the classic circuits of yesterday. Utilizing a single hand-selected ECC88 vacuum tube, the Type A can reproduce musical detail and subtlety previously only heard in mics costing thousands more. The Type A includes a custom-built flight case, Red's high-definition tube mic cable, a shock mount and the innovative PowerStream power supply, which not only insures ultra-stable performance but features a soft-start feature that maximizes tube life and minimizes startup time.

For a limited time, purchase the new Type A Tube Microphone along with any one of the R0-R7 capsules and get a R7 Capsule for FREE ($650 Value). Complete your purchase by September 31, 2006, send in proof of purchase along with the Type A Intro Offer redemption coupon, and Red will send the R7 Capsule directly to you free of charge.

The Type A is available now for $1345.The Redhead Capsules are available now and range in prince from $249 to $849.

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