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Well we're not exactly hiring, but we are looking for people to record for us. We are looking for examples of well-recorded vocals and instruments. Each example track needs to be around 30 seconds long. 15 seconds is about the shortest we could use, 40 seconds the longest. For each track we accept we will pay $20.

Your work will be published widely and you will receive a credit wherever it is used. So although the payment might not be all you could dream about, there is an excellent possibility that you might get further work elsewhere due to this exposure and publicity. And in comparison you should bear in mind that MySpace doesn't pay you anything!

For preference, we will choose just a few people to do this. That way an individual could possibly turn out several examples in a couple of hours and get paid $100 or more, which is actually quite a good hourly rate.

First though, we need to be sure that you're up to the job. As a demonstration of your skills, please send us a 30 second recording of a solo singer or instrument with nothing else in the background. You can take it from a recording you have made already, so it won't take too much effort, or you can make a recording specifically for the purpose. Obviously it needs to be free from noise and distortion.

We would prefer a .WAV file. AAC is second best (Apple's iTunes software has an AAC encoder). If necessary we might listen to MP3, but MP3's will be at the bottom of the pile.

We won't publish or do anything else with the recording you send – it's just so we can judge your capabilities. You don't have to be a seasoned professional to do this, just capable of getting the job done (which means you are professional anyway). We would welcome students of audio – getting published by Audio Masterclass will look good in your resume or CV. We'll credit you as the producer of the recording, so it might just be your first professional production credit!

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We need original recordings – anything containing samples will not do. In addition, we're not looking for recordings made directly from the output of an electronic keyboard. DI guitar would be OK though.

Over to you – this is a real opportunity and we're looking for people who are ready to excel. Submissions to by Sunday November 5, 2006 please.

Although the deadline for the above has now passed, we still welcome submissions for our ongoing projects and will be happy to listen to your work.

David Mellor

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