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Ravity 16 Host for Luxonix VST ROMplers Coming


November 27, 2004

Luxonix is working on Ravity16 for Windows, a host application/plug-in created solely for their Ravity(S) and Ravity(R) virtual instruments, completing the companys vision of the genuine VST ROMpler.

Functioning as either a VST plug-in itself or a standalone application, Ravity 16 can load up to 16 instances of Ravity(S)/(R) with channel mute/solo controls. When used as a plug-in, you can load as many instances of the Ravity 16 host as you want, plus you have full VST automation over all the modules loaded within it.

Ravity16 is scheduled for release in December 2004 and will cost $16.00 USD. However all users that purchased Ravity(S) or Ravity(R)by the end of 2004 will be offered Ravity16 for free. A Macintosh version is planned.

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