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Randall Previews Flagship 100 Watt MTS Series Combo

Randall Previews Flagship 100 Watt MTS Series Combo


January 14, 2005

This new Flagship MTS series combo designed t for the weekend warrior, club professional, or studio pro, looking for a fully loaded all-tube amplifier with multiple tones.

Designed for ultimate flexibility, this 3-channel modular tube combo offers mobility without sacrificing the punchy tone of a closed back cabinet. Historically, the popularity of larger high gain 2 x 12″ combos have not reached wide acceptance due to the fact they did not retain the full focused sound of their larger counterpart. With this in mind and because it's an a MTS series amp, Randall had to design a cabinet that would compliment the flexible tone circuit and perform equally well for both high gain rock and metal, as well as low to mid-gain country and blues.

To achieve this wide-range of tones, Randall designed the amp with a dual back panel option. From the factory the amp comes basically sealed giving you the punch and tightness of a closed 2 x 12, but a 1/3 of the rear panel is removeable to achieve the looser more soft low end traditionally found in open to semi-open back combos.

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Combine this with the modular ability to build your own custom tube rig with features including MIDI in/thru, a tube buffered “Series” and “Parallel” effects loop and rear panel “Tube Bias Section”, and you have a seriously flexible tube amp.

Order the RM100C with any of the available tube preamps listed below, or choose the preloaded RM100C1 with the “Clean”, “Recto”, and “Ultra” preamps, or RM100C2 which includes the “Blackface”, “Plexi”, and “XTC” preamps. All MTS Seriesamps and modules are 100% pure tube.

RM100C Features and Available Tube Preamps:

  • 3-modular channels
  • 2 x 12″ Celestion G12T-75's
  • 100 watts
  • EL34 power tubes
  • Master “Volume” control
  • Master “Density” & “Presence” controls
  • MIDI in/thru
  • Tube buffered “Series” loop and “Parallel” effects loop with front panel mix control
  • Rear panel “Tube Bias Section”
  • Slave output
  • World voltage selector (100/120/220/240V)
  • Includes 3-button MIDI foot controller

Available Tube Preamp Modules include:

  • ULTRA (Extreme hi-gain with liquid sustain. Perfect for all heavy rock/metal tones)
  • ULTRA LEAD (Hi-gain lead module with thick mid-range and rich harmonic sustain.)
  • BROWN (A modified vintage Plexi with a soft bottom and cutting mid-range. EVH to Hendrix.)
  • CLEAN (A very warm robust tone. Perfect for jazz and blues clean tones.)
  • RECTO (Based on the preamp circuit of an early 90's Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier)
  • SL + (Based on the preamp circuit of a Hot Marshall Super Lead)
  • PLEXI (Based on the preamp circuit of a classic Marshall Plexi)
  • JTM (Based on the preamp circuit of a classic Marshall JTM45)
  • TOP BOOST (Based on the preamp circuit of a Hot VoxAC30TB)
  • XTC (Based on the preamp circuit of a Bogner Ecstasy red channel)
  • TWEED (Based on the preamp circuit of a 59' Fender BassmanTM)
  • BLACKFACE (Based on the preamp circuit of a Fender Blackface Twin)
  • DLX (Based on the preamp circuit of a Fender Blackface Deluxe)

For more information, visit their web site at www.randallamplifiers.com

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