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Randall Introduces XTC Module for MTS Series

Randall Introduces XTC Module for MTS Series


July 23, 2004

The latest addition to Randall's “Modular Tube System” is the new XTC tube preamp module, which is based on the preamp circuit of a Bogner Ecstasy.

“We are very excited about the new and upcoming modules that we are adding to the existing MTS line up. The XTC is specifically based on the Ecstasy “red” channel and really rounds out our family of hi-gain modules filling a nice hole between the already popular Recto and Ultra”, states Doug Reynolds, Randall Division Mgr.

Each of the now available 14 modules simply slide into the front panel of any MTS amp, including the 4-module RM4 preamp, 100 watt 3-module RM100 heads, 50 watt 2-module RM50 head and combos, and 2-module 80 watt RM80 combo.

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Each all-tube MTS series amp allows you to hot swap any combination of real tube preamps, which provide flexibility combined with the sound and feel onlyan all tube amplifier can deliver.

Features and Specifications:

  • Two Rudy 12AX7's
  • Gain control
  • Bass control
  • Mid control
  • Treble control
  • Independent level control
  • Bright switch

Preorders for the XTC are now being taken at your local Randall MTS dealer for September delivery. Retail: $249.90

For more information, visit their web site at www.randallamplifiers.com

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