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PS-1 Performance Synthesizer VSTi for Windows Released

PS-1 Performance Synthesizer VSTi for Windows Released


The PS-1 Performance Synthesizer is the result of an exciting collaboration between ProSounds and DASH Signature and has been designed with the advanced sound designer and electronic musician in mind, incorporating a large number of high-end features while still maintaining ease of use with its intuitive user interface.

The PS-1 is a VST instrument plugin for Windows featuring four multi-featured oscillators, custom WAV file import (with over 80 waveforms included), a mixer, 2 resonant multimode filters (routable in both serial and parallel), two Low Frequency Oscillators (LFOs) and two ADSR envelope generators. The PS-1 also includes some advanced performance features, such as a powerful arpeggiator and trancegate, as well as an effects unit.

The PS-1 also includes over 1000 designed factory presets covering a wide range of different sounds (basses, pads, leads, sound FX, arps etc.) and suitable for every genre.

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  • 4 oscillators each with 12 different internal waveforms, and over 70 extra external waveforms (WAV files).
  • All 4 oscillators have separate controls for volume, pitch (octave, semitone, fine) envelope amount, LFO amount, PWM amount, PWM mode (LFO, envelope, manual).
  • Separate mixer section with oscillator volume, mod amount, ring modulation (oscillators 2 and 4), boost and a noise generation unit.
  • All 4 oscillators can load custom waveforms (WAV files, 16 bits, 44.1khz, mono).
  • True mono-legato mode with glide.


  • Two resonant multimode filter units with low pass (12db, 24db), high pass, band pass, and notch filter types and automatic gain reduction.
  • Both filter units operate in either parallel or serial modes (with mode selection and mix control).
  • Optional keyboard tracking of cutoff frequency for each filter unit.
  • Both filter units have separate controls for type, cutoff, resonance, envelope amount, LFO amount and keyboard tracking.
  • Smooth filter option.

Envelope Generators:

  • 2 envelope generators each with attack, decay time, sustain level and release time (ADSR), as well as velocity control.
  • Envelope 1 is dedicated to oscillator volume.
  • Envelope 2 is used for filter cutoff, resonance, pitch and oscillator PWM.

Low Frequency Oscillators (LFOs):

  • 2 LFO units each with control over rate, shape and delay.
  • LFO 1 is dedicated to PWM, Filter Mix, or Noise Level.
  • LFO 2 is used for filter / pitch / volume.
  • Both LFO units can be synced to master MIDI Clock.

Performance Tools:

  • Arpeggiator with mode selection (up, down, up/down etc.), octave range, and speed controls.
  • Trancegate with a 16-button grid. Option to sync speed to master MIDI Clock.


  • Distortion unit.
  • Digital delay with modulation.
  • Double chorus unit.
  • Reverb unit.

Other Features:

  • Digital display, that shows the value of each parameter during editing.
  • Up to 16 voices.
  • Auto glide switch on/off.
  • MIDI learn functions.
  • Random preset generator with 4 modes.
  • Sound quality selector, for saving CPU cycles.
  • Low CPU usage with advanced voice allocation.
  • Over 1000 professionally designed factory presets.


  • PC running Windows 98 or higher.
  • 800 MHz processor (1000 MHz or higher is recommended for optimum performance).
  • 256MB RAM (512MB RAM or higher is recommended for optimum performance).
  • A VST compatible host.

Pricing & Availability

The PS-1 Performance Synthesizer is priced at EUR 119.00 and is available immediately from their online shop at

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