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ProSessions Premium Instrument Collections Now Available

ProSessions Premium Instrument Collections Now Available


M-Audio is shipping the new ProSessions Premium Instruments libraries. All titles include EXS24, HALion, Kontakt, MachFive and Reason NN-XT formats. The ProSessions Premium Instruments line was designed in collaboration with two M-Audio software partners–sample library developers Sonic Reality and Sonic Implants.

Each title in the ProSessions Premium Instruments library focuses on one or two specific world-class instruments. The titles cover a broad spectrum, including a Yamaha C7 grand piano, Larrivee 6-string acoustic guitar, vintage Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer and Clavinet keyboards, and Yamaha Custom drum set.

The initial release of ProSessions Premium Instruments includes five volumes:

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Premium Grand Piano–The legendary sound of the Yamaha C7 Grand Piano captured by Sonic Reality. Experience the rich deep tone of this multi-sampled acoustic grand piano with dynamically sampled notes and long durations for each key.

Premium Acoustic Guitar–Premium Acoustic Guitar is an acoustic steel string. Multi-sampled from a Larrivee acoustic 6-string, the Premium Acoustic Guitar from Sonic Reality features automatic alternating up-and-down picked notes, automatic note-off fretboard slides that intelligently trigger upon release, mutes, slide ups, ghost taps, strum mutes, harmonics and more–all conveniently mapped to controller notes and velocities for dynamic performance.

Premium Studio Drums–Sonic Implants has sampled a Yamaha Custom Drums set. Multi-sampling includes six velocity layers for snares and toms, four velocities for kicks, and three to six velocities for various cymbals. Performances include both sticks and rods for even more flexibility.

Premium Electric Pianos–Premium Electric Pianos delivers two Fender Rhodes that have been used by Grammy-winning recording artists on countless recordings. The set includes a rare Janus Stage 73 model from the late disco era, and a souped-up Dyno-My-Rhodes-modified Suitcase 73 used and recorded in one of the most famous studios in America–Avatar (formerly The Power Station). The Avatar Rhodes allows the user to simultaneously blend DI, amplifier, and room samples from the Reason Mixer, something no library has ever offered before. The samples were recorded using vintage Neve, Coles, and Pultec equipment for the coolest recorded sound available.

Premium Vintage Keyboards–Premium Vintage Keyboards contains two more world-class instruments used on countless recordings by Grammy-winning recording artists. The set includes a rare Wurlitzer Model 214 “Blacktop”–identical to the famous model 200a with the addition of four 8″ speakers, a larger amplifier, and more direct output choices. It is the model of choice for studio recording, and only a few studios own them. Four velocity layers and key-release damping make this instrument completely authentic and “fast” to play. The Clavinet is a vintage D6 model from the mid 1970's. Restored and tuned especially for this disc, it was sampled in the “A/C” pickup configuration for the most versatility. The multi-samples include three velocities and the all-important key-release “pluck” that many other sampled instruments lack.

All five ProSessions Premium Instruments collections carry an MSRP of $99.95.

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