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Prophecysound Issues Reproduction of Boss FA-1


September 17, 2004

In response to user requests and simply just to offer a booster
with 'something extra', Prophecysound Systems has developed and released
the Sweet FA, a reproduction of the Boss FA-1.

Famously used by The Edge and prized for it's clean yet flexible tone, the
FA-1 has become a sought-after addition to many guitarists' rigs. Now it's
possible to obtain a brand-new (original model FA-1s are 20 or more years old
and may require maintenance), functionally equivalent version for AUS$200,
with the reproduction offering standard modernizations such as DC socket, true-bypass,
and stompswitch activation of the pedal with LED indication.

A balanced XLR output is an optional extra, and many customisations, such
as position of input and output sockets, knob type and so on, are possible
at little or no extra cost.

Ebook = Equipping Your Home Recording Studio
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All Sweet FAs are hand-assembled from quality components in Australia, and
the pedal compares favourably with the multitude of 'volume only' boosters
available on the market today.

The Sweet FA is available from Prophecysound Systems directly as a custom

For more information, visit their web site at

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