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Recording SoftWare for Blind people. Can anybody Please help?

Programmer and session musicians


In another section of the site I explained how record production is a team
effort, with the record producer in the role of team leader, with the record
company's A&R manager having the absolute final say.

In some types of production, the rest of the team consists of the band, and
no-one else need be involved.

But for a solo artist, there has to be a musical backing of some sort, and
unless he or she happens to be an extremely talented multi-instrumentalist (or
the producer is), then extra musical input will be necessary, from the arranger,
programmer and session musicians.

David Mellor

Mastering In The Box

Mastering In The Box

Trainer Joe Albano is back with an advanced look at mastering in our popular Audio Concepts series. See how pro audio engineers master their tracks “in-the-box” in this in-depth, high-level audio engineering course.

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