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Pro Tools Software Version 6.4 Announced

Pro Tools Software Version 6.4 Announced


April 9, 2004

Digidesign announced Pro Tools 6.4 software, designed to deliver new features
and workflow solutions for professional music and post communities using both
Pro Tools|HD and Pro Tools LE systems running on Windows XP and Mac OS X.

Pro Tools 6.4 software provides a backbone of features to support Digidesign's
new ICON with its D-Control tactile worksurface, AVoption|V10, and Command|8,
while introducing features such as Automatic Delay Compensation, TrackPunch
(on-the-fly track arming/punching), TrackInput (track-by-track input switching),
23.976 fps support for HD video, +12 dB fader support, Foley “input mute”
mode, and more.

Pro Tools|HD customers can purchase the upgrade from Pro Tools 5.x or 6.x software
for $150 US. Pro Tools 6.4 comes with all new Pro Tools systems and is a free
upgrade for registered owners of Pro Tools LE 6.0 or higher.

The following feature summary provides information on how Pro Tools customers
will benefit from the new Pro Tools 6.4 software: (Available with: HD = Pro
Tools|HD; LE = Pro Tools LE):

  • Automatic Delay Compensation (HD) — Pro Tools now automatically compensates
    for inherent delay issues caused by plug-in latency, bussing, and routing
    within the Pro Tools mixer. It allows the user to take advantage of mixer
    configurations that were previously only possible with analog consoles, or
    with digital consoles many times the price of a Pro Tools environment.
  • TrackPunch (HD) — Allows Pro Tools to be used as a recorder on film stages,
    rather than only an editing/playback device. For music, TrackPunch enhances
    current QuickPunch capabilities for music recording by allowing the user to
    arm tracks on the fly. Operators can punch in and out of tracks by using individual
    track record buttons instead of one global command. Combined with TrackInput,
    TrackPunch allows workflows similar to traditional tape-based multi-track
    TrackInput (HD) — Allows per-track switching between input source and playback
    from disk.
  • 23.976 fps support (HD, LE with DV Toolkit option) — Enables post customers
    who work with high-definition video to use a new frame rate specific to the
    medium, facilitating proper synchronization to the source. Pro Tools now offers
    complete recall of all editing, processing, mixing console, and machine control
    parameters while working entirely within the new 24 and 23.976 frame rates
    required for high-definition video production.
  • +12 dB (over 0 dBfs) fader gain (HD, LE) — Gives the user more latitude
    while mixing than with the previous +6 dB (over 0 dBfs); particularly useful
    when balancing recordings made at lower levels. With a new taper above 0 dB,
    the faders also have a more familiar “console” feel.
  • RecordLock (HD) — Loading audio with discontiguous (“broken”)
    time code means that an assistant no longer has to continually re-arm Pro
    Tools when loading in different takes from film shoots. This also prevents
    missed record takes on shooting stages, where the distributed time code stops
    and starts between takes.
  • Hierarchical plug-in menus, organized by plug-in category (HD, LE) — Minimizes
    mousing and searching for the right plug-ins.
  • Track Position Numbers (HD, LE) — Gives each track a fixed sequential number,
    enabling operators to better organize their sessions, as well as to quickly
    locate their GUI and control surfaces to a selected track.
  • Feet+Frames enhancement (HD, LE) — Allows film customers to set their “zero
    feet+frames” point anywhere in the session, and, with multiple feet+frame
    rates, allows the feet+frames timeline to remain in sync with all workflow
    variations. (LE: requires DV Toolkit)
  • Enhanced clip indication (HD) –Plug-in clipping is now displayed on the
    D-Control worksurface and on the GUI send labels for easy diagnosis of gain
    structure level problems while mixing. Plus, a new “clear clip”
    key command and a new “clip hold” preference provide additional
    display enhancements.
  • Foley Record Mute (HD) — Mutes the record input upon “stop” and
    prevents unwanted loud noises during foley record sessions.
  • In addition to an enhanced feature set, Pro Tools 6.4 software provides
    exclusive support for three exciting new Digidesign products — ICON with
    D-Control, Command|8, and AVoption|V10 (Avoption|V10 is only available for
    the Windows XP operating system. Apple Mac OS X support will be provided in
    a future release.)

For more information, visit their web site at

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