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PreSonus Ships DigiMax FS

PreSonus Ships DigiMax FS


PreSonus Audio is pleased to announce the DigiMax FS is now shipping worldwide. The DigiMax FS is an 8-channel microphone preamplifier with 8 channels of digital optical light pipe ADAT and 96k dual SMUX input and output, balanced analog direct outputs, and TRS inserts on each channel.

The DIGIMAX FS is the perfect solution to add eight class A preamps to expand any digital audio hardware system with optical light pipe I/O including the Digidesign 002, and 002 Rack, Yamaha DM series digital mixers, RME recording interfaces.

DigiMax FS Features:

  • 8 class A microphone preamps w/ trim control
  • 24-bit resolution, up to 96K sampling rate
  • ADAT and 96k dual SMUX input/output
  • Direct outputs on every channel
  • Inserts on every channel
  • Word clock input/output

For more information, visit their web site at

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