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Prelaunch Upgrade Offered on NI Komplete 2 Bundle

Prelaunch Upgrade Offered on NI Komplete 2 Bundle


April 27, 2004

Native Instruments has announced a special limited-time upgrade offer for the NI Komplete 2 bundle, which is scheduled for release on June 1.

NI Komplete 2 is the most extensive collection of sound generators and effects ever offered by Native Instruments. It contains eleven software synthesizers, samplers and effects that represent an infinite universe of sonic possibilities: Absynth 2, Reaktor 4, B4 Organ, FM7, PRO-53, Kontakt 1.5, Kompakt, Intakt, Battery, Vokator and NI-Spektral Delay.

The Special Prelaunch Upgrade is an opportunity for NI customers to get their hands on the combined power of NI Komplete 2 at a special price: From now until May 31st, every registered owner of at least one product from the NI Komplete 2 range can purchase an upgrade to the full bundle for $ 579 / 499 Euros.

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Customers who own four or more products from NI Komplete 2 can take advantage of an even lower upgrade price of $ 339 / 299 Euros, available exclusively in the NI Online Shop. Additionally a further upgrade offer is available for $ 119 / 99 Euros for customers who already own seven or more products.

The NI Komplete 2 Special Prelaunch Upgrade is available until May 31st from all authorized dealers and in the NI Online Shop. Availability begins now in all European countries except France, and on May 3rd in France, the USA and all other countries. In Japan, the Special Prelaunch Upgrade will be available from May 14th to June 20th.

Following the official launch on June 1, NI Komplete 2 will be available for $1149 / 999 Euros. In addition, all customers who already own at least two instruments from the NI Komplete 2 product range can upgrade to the bundle for $ 799 / 699 Euros. Upgrade offers for users who own 4+ or 7+ products from the NI Komplete 2 range remain the same.

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