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PowerTracks Pro Hits Version 10

PowerTracks Pro Hits Version 10


PG Music Inc. has released Version 10 of its PowerTracks Pro Audio sequencing software for Windows. This major upgrade offers more than thirty new features, including ASIO driver support, a full-featured Piano Roll Window, Time Stretch and Pitch Change for audio tracks, half and quarter speed audio playback, drag and drop audio editing, 3 new DirectX Plug-ins (PG Vinyl, PG RTA, PG Vocal Remover) and much more.

With the addition of ASIO driver support, PowerTracks Pro Audio 10 can achieve softsynth latency as low as 5 milliseconds. In practical terms, this means that PowerTracks Pro Audio will echo MIDI thru notes in real time, even when using a DXi softsynth such as the Roland VSC DXi.

The new Piano Roll Window in PowerTracks Pro Audio 10 can be used to edit all tracks. The Piano Roll Window enables precise graphic editing of note timing and duration for every MIDI track. Users can also graphically edit Note Velocity, Controllers, Program Changes, Channel Aftertouch, and Pitch Bend for any MIDI note by simply selecting and dragging. Audio track Volume & Pan automation can now be graphically edited in the Piano Roll Window.

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Audio Time Stretch and Pitch Change are new features that allow PowerTracks Pro Audio 10 users to change the speed and pitch of audio tracks independently. They can be used to permanently change the duration and pitch of individual audio tracks, or to change the speed and pitch of the entire PowerTracks Pro Audio mix.

PowerTracks Pro Audio 10 has new Drag and Drop editing features that permit the user to select a highlighted region and drag it to a new location in the song, with options to either move or copy and overwrite or merge the selected region.

The new PG Vinyl DirectX plug-in removes clicks and pops from any vinyl record. This plug-in can also provide RIAA equalization for better tone so users do not require a preamp. Turntables can be attached directly to the mixer console. PG Vinyl can also reduce broadband noise, and remove clicks on digital audio tracks. In some cases the plug-in can reduce the clipping distortion on digital audio tracks which were recorded too loud.

PG RTA (Real Time Analyzer) is a new plug-in that displays a third-octave frequency graph of either a single track or the entire mix. This plug-in can assist audio equalization, measure the frequency response of audio equipment, be used as a voice and music learning aid, and much more.

The PG Vocal Remover is a new plug-in that can reduce the level of lead vocals in many recordings. Users can finetune the vocal removal frequency range, and optionally reduce the level of residual vocal reverb.

Other powerful new features in PowerTracks Pro Audio 10 include: Block – Select Recent From/Thru Range, Advance Now After Paste Option, MIDI Guitar Cleanup Dialog, Combine 2 Mono Audio Tracks to a Single Stereo Track, Split Stereo Track into 2 Mono Tracks, Auto-Convert MIDI Track to .WAV file, Auto-Convert MIDI track to Audio Track, time signatures now displayed on lead sheet, Print the Currently Displayed Page, MIDI Pitch Bends, Send ALL Recent MIDI Controllers, Track Number or MIDI Channel number Indicator displayed in Big Piano Window, Toggle Part Marker Type for a Measure During Playback, Audio Track Levels, Tempo Adjust Hot-keys, Cakewalk (INS) and Band-in-a-Box (PAT) patch file converter and much more.

PowerTracks Pro Audio 10 is available now for immediate download or order by mail, phone, fax, or e-mail directly from PG Music Inc., and also at music stores worldwide.

For more information, visit their web site at

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