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PODXT Live Puts Line 6 Multi-FX and Modeling On the Floor


September 30, 2004

Line 6 announced today the newest addition to the PODXT family,
PODXT Live. PODXT Live is a multi-effect floor processor in a stage-ready
unit. With features from Line 6's flagship Vetta II, PODXT Live delivers a
wide range of stompbox, studio, synth effects, amplifier and cabinet models,
plus a digital Variax input, and USB computer connectivity.

PODXT Live can be used as a multi-effect pedal for any guitar amp, a complete
direct-to-PA solution, or creative recording device for studio guitar work.
PODXT Live provides over 80 models of stompbox and studio effects. Aside from
an extensive assortment of reverb choices, PODXT Live includes a collection
of distortion, compressor, chorus, flanger, rotary, synth, filter, and delay

PODXT Live also delivers a collection of amp models. Based on the most prized
amplifiers in the history of guitar, PODXT Live features 36 amp models, 24
cab models and 4 microphone model options providing a complete tonal palette
for any type of live gig or studio session. The effects can be positioned in
front (stomp), and behind (post) of the amp & cab models, offering organic
and classic tonal possibilities available in the most high-end guitar stage

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PODXT Live provides access to 128 presets via gig-ready channel footswitches.
Features also include a large backlit display, dedicated stompbox on/off switches,
combination wah/volume pedal, tap tempo/silent tuner switch, an expression
pedal input, stereo 1/4-inch analog Amp/Line outs, headphone out, aux input
for CD/Mp3 playback, MIDI, and USB computer connectivity for digital I/O, plus
deep editing using the free, downloadable Line 6 Edit/GuitarPort software.

In addition to the standard analog guitar input, a Line 6 Variax Modeling
Guitar digital input seamlessly integrates an electric or acoustic Variax's
collection of guitars with PODXT Live's assortment of amps, cabs, and effects.
This entire setup can be instantly transformed into virtually any rig with
just the press of a footswitch.

For more information, visit their web site at

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