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PlayMate Guitarist Now Shipping

PlayMate Guitarist Now Shipping


Alesis has announced the availability of the company's new PlayMate Guitarist Guitar Effects Processor and CD Player. The PlayMate Guitarist is a guitar performance and practice tool that enables guitarists to jam along to any CD. The unit features a CD player with independent control over key, pitch, and tempo, a guitar effects processor with eighty editable presets, plus a variety of inputs and outputs that facilitate a broad range of interfacing options with external equipment.

With the PlayMate Guitarist's CD player, the key of the music can be changed without affecting the tempo, and the tempo can be changed without affecting the key. This capability enables guitarists to practice at slower or faster tempos, play a song in different keys, and even tune the music to the guitar–providing a wide range of musical options when practicing. With support for both CD and CD-R discs, guitarists can create their own custom rehearsal CDs, adding to the unit's versatility.

Using the PlayMate Guitarist's guitar effects processor, guitarists can create a range of guitar sounds from eighty editable multi-effects presets. The built-in effects include distortion, compression, chorus, flanger, phaser, wah, delay, reverb, and more.

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For interfacing with external equipment, the PlayMate Guitarist provides the right combination of inputs and outputs. The unit provides a Hi-Z 1/4-inch guitar input as the primary instrument input plus a 1/4-inch stereo direct input that bypasses the internal effects processing for patching in an external device such as an MP3 player or a drum machine. The PlayMate Guitarist features a 1/4-inch balanced, stereo line output for interconnecting with external stereo equipment, as well as two 1/4-inch headphone outputs that enable two musicians to jam together.

MSRP: $299.

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