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Planet Waves Releases The Screeching Halt Sound Hole Cover

Planet Waves Releases The Screeching Halt Sound Hole Cover


Feedback is a major problem caused by a variety of sources, including microphone placement and overdriven PA's and amps. The problem is particularly common when electrifying the acoustic guitar. In order to hear the instrument properly in a band context, the guitarist must increase the volume sometimes to the dismay of the other members. Accordingly, Planet Waves is pleased to introduce a feedback remedy for acoustic guitars: the Screeching Halt. Install the Planet Waves Screeching Halt sound hole cover, and users will immediately react to the increased volume before feedback of most acoustic and acoustic/electric guitars. The Screeching Halt, besides banishing feedback, incorporates features that position the unit ahead of anything on the market.

The Planet Waves Screeching Halt sound hole cover incorporates a flexible design that promotes quick installation. A special tapered contour allows for a tight, custom fit without endless adjustments. In fact, the Screeching Halt will adapt rapidly to most guitars, allowing the player to crank the volume. The cover will also adapt to most pickup systems without disrupting placement or performance. Furthermore, the Screeching Halt cover is safe with most finishes and inlays.

“The Screeching Halt sound hole cover is really the ideal accessory—some will say necessity—for the acoustic guitarist,” says Brian Vance, Senior Product Manager for Planet Waves. “It allows any player to bring up the volume without fear of feedback. When you consider the benefits, including quick installation on most guitars and a design that's non-hazardous to finishes, you'll see that it's one of the most important purchases a player can make to allow himself to be heard.”

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