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Peak 4.1 Shipping with Jam 6 and SFX Machine LT Included

Peak 4.1 Shipping with Jam 6 and SFX Machine LT Included


March 31, 2004

BIAS announced that Peak 4.1 is now shipping and includes Roxio's Jam 6 – the Redbook standard CD mastering software for Mac OS X – and SFX Machine LT, a limited edition of the multi-effects sound design plug-in. The inclusion of Jam 6 with Peak 4.1 creates a complete solution for stereo recording, editing, processing, and mastering. The addition of SFX Machine LT adds additional sound design features to Peak's DSP arsenal.

Peak 4.1 and Jam 6 – A Complete Mastering Solution For Mac OS X

Roxio's Jam 6 offers the only solution on Mac OS X for audio professionals requiring 100% adherence to the Redbook specification to create pre-glass masters for mass commercial replication.

Peak and Jam Integration

Peak offers stereo audio editing and processing capabilities along with support for most popular audio formats, including Jam Image. Customers can easily create regions and playlists within Peak, then save them as Jam Images for easy burning with Jam. In turn, Jam features the ability to launch Peak as an external audio editor. This integration offers an easy and flexible workflow between both applications. The addition of Jam to Peak enables users to include track indexes, track names, ISRC codes (International Standard Recording Code), and additional information necessary for the production of commercial replication-ready CDs.

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Peak for Sound Design – More DSP with SFX Machine LT

Peak 4 added loads of additional processing with features such as ImpulseVerb – a convolution based reverb that includes over 250 MB of sampled room environments ranging from exotic cathedrals and other spaces from various locations around the world – Harmonic Rotate, Vbox multi-effects matrix, Sqweez compressor/limiter, Freq 4 band paragraphic EQ, and 25 additional VST effects. In addition, Peak 4 added support for Audio Units, giving sound designers virtually unlimited processing options. The addition of SFX Machine LT adds even more sound design power by including 21 appropriately named presets such as Multi-Vox 3, RoboTalk, BackwardsFragment 5, Jimi Echo, Triggered Wah+Dist, and more. A popular “Randomize” feature is also included and customers may upgrade to the full edition of SFX Machine at a discount by selecting the upgrade link within the plug-in. Combining SFX Machine LT with Peak's already impressive DSP toolset will be a substantial benefit to both serious sound designers and casual users alike.

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