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PC Editor/Librarian for Minimoog Voyager Ready


October 20, 2004

Moog Music has a new way to store, organize, compile and create Voyager presets — the Minimoog Voyager Editor-Librarian Software. This new software includes all the functions contained in a Voyager preset on one screen.

Functions of the editor-librarian include: high resolution controls for creating precise adjustments to your presets, a “Genetics” function for mutation and morphing of presets, and the “Librarian” function which allows the storing of a virtually unlimited number of presets, in user defined categories. Through a MIDI connection, you can pull or replace single presets or the entire bank of presets from the Voyager to your computer for storage or editing. Writing presets to your Voyager's memory from your computer is as easy as a click of your mouse.

Once presets for the Minimoog Voyager are in the computer all parameters are displayed on the graphical user interface, including EDIT mode functions like Pot Mapping, Touch Surface Destinations and Filter Poles.

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“Genetics” is a tool used for automatic generation of Voyager presets. Presets can be created randomly, or can be created as the “Children” of two “Parent” presets. A user can select Morph, Mutate, Randomize, or Mix to generate a bank of presets from the Parents. The outcome is a fast and fun way to create unique and interestingsounds.

The Editor also allows users to add a library in user-named categories for creating custom preset banks. There's also a Voyager OS update function to simplify the updating of the Voyager's firmware.

The Minimoog Voyager Editor-Librarian Software requires a Mac or PC computer with a MIDI interface, and is available as a download from for $79.

For more information, visit their web site at

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