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Patchbay Spaghetti Madness


I am currently hard at work on getting my home studio up and running. Most of my frontend is here waiting to be hooked up to my Digi 002. I have a 16 channel snake that runs from the basment(live room) to the control room which then connects to a mic panel in the control room.

The mic panel connects the snake inputs to the inputs of a DigiMax LT and a Focusrite Octopre. I have another two channel pre amp sitting on the floor(waiting to be racked) and another two channel tube pre on the way.

My main goal would be to be able to connect the snake to the mic panel and then use a patchbay to pick and choose which pre amps to use. Can this be done? I heard that it is not good to run mic level signal through a patchbay.

My other concern is running the outputs of the patchbay back to the Digi 002. Both the DigiMax LT and the Focusrite Octopre have ADAT 8 channel outputs. The Digi 002 only has one ADAT 8 channel input. So in order for me to choose which pre amp I want to use for the ADAT input I would have to run the ADAT outputs of both preamps to a patchbay.

Lastly, does anyone have any suggestions for a good patchbay that will allow me to connect two 8 channel preamps and two 2 channel preamps and a Central Station to a Digi 002. I know I'm asking alot (this advice probably costs money), but any suggestions would be helpful. All my research thus far has given me one big patchbay ball of spaghetti (and a headache).

Thanks, Stewart Godfrey

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