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P-SOLO Mic/Instrument Preamp from True Systems

P-SOLO Mic/Instrument Preamp from True Systems


TRUE Systems, located in Tucson, Arizona, will be introducing the single-channel microphone/instrument preamplifier, the P-SOLO at the 119th AES Convention in NYC.

The P-SOLO features an identical pre-amp design found in the True Precision 8 and P2analog mic pres. Features of the P-SOLO include: totally balanced, dual-servo, high-dynamic range, transformerless design; internal linear AC power supply for excellent transient response; high-impedance instrument input, high-pass filter, phantom power, dual analog outputs and four-level metering.

Tim Spencer, CEO for TRUE Systems stated, “Our goal was to design a single-channel mic pre-amp that provides high-end sonic performance at a cost-effective price for the serious musician or recordist. The P-SOLO is perfect for studio and location recording as well as live sound applications. And, the instrument input (DI) provides exceptional articulation, presence and depth from electric instruments. We want to put the same quality of product used on Grammy-winning recordings and major concert tours, into the hands of an entirely new audience.”

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The unit contains many military-grade, hand-matched components and features a compact and durable enclosure.

The P-SOLO is now available for order. MSRP: $749.99

For more information, visit their web site at

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