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Out now: The MEGA bundle - New monthly subscription product

Out now: The MEGA bundle – New monthly subscription product


Plugin Alliance is proud to announce the availability of the new MEGA Bundle Monthly Subscription. The MEGA Bundle is the new gold standard for subscription based plugin-bundles, offering an impressive collection of 100+ plugins from 28 Alliance brands including SSL, Ampeg, Brainworx, Focusrite and many more. Please see logo cloud below for more info.

The PA MEGA Bundle is now available for $24.99 per month.

The MEGA Bundle contains an ever-growing collection, starting today with 100+ state-of-the-art plugins:

    • Best-in-class TMT console-emulations from SSL, Focusrite and more
    • Brainworx M/S Mastering tools
    • Several Virtual Instruments from DS Audio, Brainworx and more
    • 3D mixing from DearVR / Sennheiser
    • Innovative modular FX from Unfiltered Audio
    • Dozens of branded and officially endorsed analog-modeled unitso GuitarAmps(ENGL,DIEZEL,Chandler…)
      o BassAmps(Ampeg…)
      o EQs(Mäag,SPL,Millennia,DangerousMusic…)
      o Compressors(ShadowHills,PurpleAudio,Vertigo,ACME,elysia…) o Effects(ADA,Noveltech…)

All these plugins are being offered in multi-platform versions, working on Mac and PC (VST 2/3, AAX and AU). 70+ of our plugins even work on professional AAX DSP systems. Plugin Alliance offers a simple and unified, dongle-free activation scheme, so one activation will give users access to ALL of the tools at once, and every license for the bundle is good to activate up to 3 machines!

A convenient and professional installation manager sums up the system, allowing users to download and install any and all plugins in one go. For specific formats only, or for all formats at the same time.

“It makes me happy and proud to finally be able to offer ALL of our best plugins to a much bigger audience than ever, via a very affordable subscription plan!”

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“Today is a very special day for Plugin Alliance, all of our brand-partners and most importantly, for all of the existing and new members of our ever-growing PA family!” says Dirk Ulrich, founder and CEO of Plugin Alliance. “Our partner brands have been developing and releasing dozens of award-winning plugins over the last 12+ years. It makes me happy and proud to finally be able to offer ALL of our best plugins to a much bigger audience than ever, via a very affordable subscription plan. Plugin Alliance is already hosting close to half a Million user accounts and literally Millions of plugin licenses, and we can’t wait to see and hear what an even bigger community of audio creators will be able to achieve for their art, whether it’s commercial 3D & Surround audio studios, Grammy-winning music producers, or ambitious musicians, DJs and bedroom producers around the globe.”

“This is incredible!” says producer, engineer & mixer Romesh Dodangoda (Bring Me The Horizon, Motorhead, Funeral For A Friend etc.). “This is not just a whole studio in the box… this bundle actually gives you access to many different studio consoles and instruments, plus all the outboard gear and amps you need. So many of these plugins are a huge part of my tracking and mixing sessions!”

Plugin Alliance will be hosting MEGA Bundle launch events in LA and other cities very soon, please stay tuned!

About Plugin Alliance

California based Plugin Alliance offers industry-leading audio plugins from 28 acclaimed brand partners such as SSL, Ampeg, Focusrite, Brainworx, Unfiltered Audio and many more. Our mission is to enable musicians and producers around the globe to sound their best. Plugin Alliance is a standard, supporting all major plugin formats and uniting some of the best-known international audio companies under one virtual roof.

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