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Orion Added to AirTools Studio Matrix Line


October 17, 2004

Symetrix adds a new product to its AirTools Studio Matrix series of modular audio DSP. Dubbed Orion 8×8 Analog I/O DSP, it is targeted at specific applications within a broadcast facility. Its release coincides with the version 2.0 upgrade of the Studio Matrix Designer application (WIN) for design and real-time control of audio systems. Units are now shipping.

The Orion hardware is equipped with eight line-level analog inputs and outputs. This design provides significant utility when approaching applications such as gain control of satellite chains, equalization and filtering of telephone hybrids, news and production room applications, and management of multiple microphone signals in a talk studio environment. The 8×8 form factor lends itself to a variety of scenarios.

Orion employs a pair of Analog Devices 66MHz SHARC processors to create virtual audio pathways and processing modules that replicate dedicated hardware devices in the physical world. The Studio Matrix Designer application is used to create these signal routes and processing chains on a Windows PC. Parameter settings can be assigned to any of the 1,000 onboard preset locations and recalled on demand via RS-232 commands from the station's automation package.

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Orion units can be used singly or in groups. Larger processing systems can be created by networking multiple units together. Audio routing between units is handled via the SymLink bus. This proprietary interconnect supports thefree exchange of up to 64 channels of audio and control over CAT5 cable.

Based on SymNet technology, all Studio Matrix devices offer a set of tools to handle a variety of audio processing scenarios. Available processes include automatic gain control (AGC), compression, filtering, equalization, mixing, and many more. Also included are over sixty processing modules for logic and dynamic logical control.

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