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Open Labs Debuts NeKo LE Keyboard


November 19, 2004

Open Labs, designer and developer of music workstations, unveiled their latest keyboard/studio instrument, the NeKo LE. Based on the company's NeKo OpenSynth platform, the NeKo LE incorporates a full personal computer, powered by the Intel Pentium 4 processor and is targeted at songwriters, music producers, and hobbyists that want to play, record, mix, master, and burn their music in a single, portable unit. The NeKo LE is pricd at $2,595.00.

The NeKo LE provides an easy upgrade path to the fully featured NeKo64, and is also sold with a built-in 15-inch LCD monitor for a price of $3,195.00. The NeKo is capable of hosting up to 50-plug-ins simultaneously, and play up to 250-voice polyphony. A complete keyboard-workstation, the NeKo LE offers 24 bit/192 kHz audio quality and hardware accelerated DSP effects.

Designed with standard PC-compatible hardware and software in mind, the NeKo LE can play tens of thousands of sounds offered by industry-standard VSTi software synthesizers, samplers, and audio processing plug-ins. Any time that new sounds and effects are available, users can instantly install them into the NeKo LE.

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Fully upgradeable and expandable, users can add more memory and storage, and can accommodate faster processors. A robust keyboard-computer, the NeKo LE has near-zero latency, so that users can concentrate on making music, and notrebooting their keyboard.

Other features of the NeKo LE include:

  • Interchangeable: the NeKo LE's control modules provide a physical interface for easier control of software instruments
  • Versatile: the NeKo LE can virtually run any plug-in or application designed for the Windows XP operating system, including products from Steinberg, Native Instruments, Synapse Audio, IK Multimedia and others
  • Accommodating: the NeKo LE is equipped with PCI slots that accept up to full-size cards, and can run your favorite Creamware, T.C. Electronic or Universal Audio cards, providing unsurpassed power and elegance
  • Sleek: The NeKo LE has a modern design that incorporates an aluminum chassis and rubber bezels
  • Networkable: the NeKo LE's Ethernet port allows you to directly access the Web to quickly and easily download upgrades, sounds, and applications – and collaborate with your band mates!
  • Portable: the NeKo LE, like the NeKo64, is a fully self-contained recording, editing, and mastering system that is ideal for either studio or stage

For more information, visit their web site at www.openlabs.com

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