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Numark Introduces AVM02 Audio/Video Mixer With Effects

Numark Introduces AVM02 Audio/Video Mixer With Effects


Numark, the world's leading manufacturer of DJ equipment, is pleased to announce the introduction of the AVM02 Audio/Video Mixer. Designed for mobile DJs and clubs who demand the utmost versatility when working with both sound and visuals, the new rackmountable AVM02 offers a wealth of features for live audio/visual performances that place this mixer at the head of its class, including separate replaceable DJ crossfaders, a variety of video mixing options, two video effects sections, joystick control, multiple color background options, plus PAL and NTSC compatibility–all in an attractive, easy to grasp layout that enables operators to be up and running in no time.

The AVM02's inclusion of separate, user-replaceable DJ crossfaders for audio and video with linked mode operation and slope control provide DJs the ability to transition from song to song independently from the visuals being presented. Or if they prefer, the linked mode operation enables sound and picture to transition together. With the ability to define the fader's slope, operators have tremendous control over every aspect of their presentation.

With its broad range of mixing options, the AVM02 enables DJs to keep their presentations vibrant all night. The AVM02 includes fades, 96 wipe patterns, plus picture-in-picture (PIP) capability. And for superimposing images, this outstanding mixer provides Chroma Key (blue screen) and Luma Key (black screen) capability. For still greater variety, the AVM02 incorporates two video effects sections with mosaic, strobe, freeze, paint, and invert. Additionally, the AVM02 is capable of multiple simultaneous effects.

Ease of use is a hallmark of Numark products and, again, the AVM02 delivers the goods. The mixer incorporates joystick control for wipes and picture-in-picture operations and also provides ten background color options.

When it comes to interfacing with external equipment, Numark's AVM02 provides everything necessary to make system integration effortless. The AVM02 has four video channels with four composite and four S-video inputs. The mixer's output complement includes two S-video, two composite main outputs, and four video monitor outputs. For audio related tasks, the AVM02 includes seven stereo audio inputs, two microphone inputs with an audio cueing section, plus both quarter- and eighth-inch headphone outputs. Additionally, the AVM02 provides master balanced, unbalanced, and control booth outputs. The AVM02 includes a universal power supply.

Numark CEO John E. “Jack” O'Donnell commented on the company's forthcoming AVM02 Audio/Video Mixer, “The new AVM02 is a feature-packed offering that enables DJs to have a tremendous amount of control over sound and picture–enabling them to take their performances to a higher level with the inclusion of true multimedia. With its rackmount capability, the AVM02 can be transported easily or secured in a club's equipment cabinet–making it a viable tool for just about every imaginable DJ environment.”

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With a suggested retail price of $1299, Numark's new AVM02 Audio/Video Mixer with Effects is an exciting new tool for DJs and club owners who want greater control over their A/V entertainment offerings. The AVM02 will be available Q2 of 2006.

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