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Numark Assumes Distribution of Akai Professional in the Americas

Numark Assumes Distribution of Akai Professional in the Americas


July 4, 2004

Numark Industries, manufacturer of professional DJ equipment, announced
today that they have acquired the official distribution rights of Akai Professional
Musical Instruments (APMI) for the Americas. Akai Pro's line of MPC Studio
products is a staple in just about every project and professional studio
environment around the world.

“Long known as an innovator of high-quality studio samplers, digital recorders,
and electronic musical instruments, Akai Pro is an ideal fit for our distribution
model,” says Numark CEO Jack O' Donnell. “We are very excited about adding
the Akai Pro catalog to our offerings. Our goal is to supply a broad range
of high technology products to the music industry that appeal to all types
of musicians – DJ's and hobbyists alike. Akai Pro's product line is an ideal
complement to our growing range of professional product lines,” O'Donnell continued.

O'Donnell also owns and distributes Alesis Studio Electronics, which has a
history of providing affordable, professional digital recorders, synthesizers,
studio monitors, and various DSP products to the musical instrument markets.

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For more information, visit their web site at www.akaipro.com

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