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NuGen Audio Updates Visualizer VST Plug-In to Version 1.2

NuGen Audio Updates Visualizer VST Plug-In to Version 1.2


NuGen Audio has updated Visualizer, their comprehensive and flexible FFT audio analyser to version 1.2.

This update includes:

  • Time averaging options added to Spectrum analysis displays. These options allow the capture of 'Frequency templates' for A/B comparison of different audio sources
  • Frequency range increased (now possible to zoom out to 40kHz). Useful when working to broadcast audio specifications
  • 1/6 Octave, Bark, Bark thirds, Mel and Mel thirds banding options added
  • Larger fft window sizes are now selectable

This is a free update for existing users and also resets the demo period for anyone wishing to re-trial the software.

Visualizer is available now from NuGen Audio.

Format: VST
Cost: $89, a demo is available.

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For more information, visit their web site at

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